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RED BARCODE PLANET is the premium barcode scanner company in Chicago owned and run by Kris. Our company buys, sells, and repairs used barcode scanners. We also sell barcode scanner accessories such as batteries, cables, mounts, adapters, charging docks, brackets, stands, and more to keep your barcode scanners run optimally.

Since 2007, Red Barcode Planet has been providing outstanding full-service barcode scanners in Chicago. When you work with us, you can rest assured that you are supported by skilled and certified technicians.

We undergoes a certification as part of our commitment to ensure that our service is up-to-date and always appropriate. We are dedicated and experienced barcode scanner repair and will deliver the most efficient, high-quality, and timely service to fix our customer’s trouble on hardware. Check our Red Barcode Planet’s high-quality barcode scanners for sale on eBay and Amazon today!


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We are your best choice for your barcode scanner needs. We offer used, refurbished and brand new barcode scanners. We also buy used scanners and provide full-service barcode scanners in the Chicago area.

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Whether you are looking for barcode scanners for sale or barcode scanner accessories, we have the products to meet your business’s needs and offer services to get you going. Our positive reviews speak for our high-quality services and products. Check our eBay and get your barcode scanner for an affordable price.

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If you are looking for barcode scanners for sale, our company in Chicago is the one that you can trust. With our used barcode scanners, you can save money rather than buying a new one. We make sure that the barcode scanner repairs that we do will work like brand new. Don’t hesitate to give our company a call today!


Testimonials of Our Barcode Scanner Repairs & Sale Services

“ I upgraded our barcode scanner, and we sold the old ones to this company. I am happy with my decision because of the smooth transaction and the excellent price we have received! “

James Walsh

“ My barcode scanner at the store broke, and I was looking for the same model in Chicago! Luckily, I found a second-hand barcode scanner for a lower price from their eBay, and it’s working well as a new one! “

Courtney Alberts

“ When I needed barcode scanners for our new branch in Chicago, I turned to their page on eBay, and it did not disappoint me! I got everything we need for a competitive price in the market. Highly recommended!  “

Nicholas Hankins