How To Choose The Best Barcode Scanner For Your Business

Consider Your Flooring

The type of flooring you have will impact how your barcode scanner will work! The leading cause of damage to handheld scanners is dropping them, so you need to consider your flooring before purchasing. A different level of ruggedness is required if you have carpeting in an office versus concrete flooring in a warehouse. If you have a more rigid type of flooring such as concrete, then select a barcode scanner Chicago device that has a more rugged classification.

Think About Air Quality

Does your environment have lots of dust, or maybe a manufacturing plant that creates fine powder injected into the air? Fine powder, steel filings, or sawdust will impact your selection of barcode scanners for sale Chicago area. If this applies, you should consider a unit with an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of at least 68. This will ensure that the unit is built to maximize the chances of withstanding these fine particles in these areas.

Lighting Conditions and Their Impact

Low light, bright light, and working outside in the sun have a vast difference in the brightness your barcode scanner Chicago will need. It is advised to consider the type of display on the scanner and whether the display’s brightness can be adjusted before you purchase are essential factors to consider to ensure that it will work in your specific environment when it comes to the lighting conditions.

What Are the Keyboard Needs of the User?

The keyboard size is often overlooked when choosing a barcode scanner for sale Chicago companies may require if their staff has to wear protective clothing. Companies based in Factories or warehouses may require that gloves be worn. For that, a bigger keyboard where the keys are a bit more spaced will be needed to assist the user in working efficiently.

What Type of Barcodes Will You Be Scanning?

The type of barcodes will also influence what kind of barcode scanner Chicago companies need. A linear scan engine is only appropriate for 1D barcodes, whereas a 2D scanner is suitable for all types of barcodes.

Do you need to scan a barcode from a long way away? If you need to scan a barcode from 45 to 50 feet away, you will need to find an advanced image barcode scanner for sale.

The points mentioned above will put you on the right track to selecting a suitable scanner. Depending on your situation and budget, it is a good idea to consider the “right” unit over a new unit. So, a pro tip is to get the best unit for your environment, and this includes buying a good condition used barcode scanners for sale Chicago.

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