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RED BARCODE PLANET, a company owned by Kris, has been providing a premium full-service barcode scanner in Jacksonville since 2007. We buy and sell used barcode scanners. We also offer fast and efficient barcode scanner repair from our highly trained and dedicated technicians.

Our efficient and guaranteed workmanship has allowed us to successfully offer to repair solutions for a broad range of barcode scanners. When the repairing process is complete, our team conducts a thorough test to ensure that the repaired barcode scanner meets our factory’s high-quality specifications.

Aside from buying, selling and repairing, we also offer barcode scanners accessories like batteries, adapters, mounts, charging docks, stands, and more. You don’t have to spend a lot buying an expensive barcode scanner when you can get the same quality form our barcode scanners for sale for the lesser price. You can check our barcode scanners for sale on eBay and Amazon.


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Our barcode company in Jacksonville is ready to provide the demands on your business. We offer a full-service barcode scanner, and we buy and sell refurbished, used, and brand new barcode scanners.

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We offer high-quality barcode scanners and barcode scanner accessories from the leading manufacturers. Our company’s positive reviews reflect our company’s credibility and the quality of the products that we offer. Check our eBay now and select a top-quality barcode scanner or accessories that will fit your type of business to succeed.

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Are you looking for quality barcode scanners for sale in Jacksonville? No need to look further because we got your back. We provide barcode scanner repairs that work well as new, which is why buying our used barcode scanners will save you a lot of money instead of buying a new one. Pick up the phone and call us today!


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“ I was referred by a fellow businessman to this company in Jacksonville, and I bought several barcode scanners from them. The process was easy and fast, and the man I talked to were very responsive and helpful. Thank you! “

Jeffery Thresher

“ I sold ten units of used barcode scanners to their company,, and the process couldn’t be smoother. Their technicians checked our units and offered us a fair price than the other companies provided us. Looking forward to dealing with you again!   “

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