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RED BARCODE PLANET is owned by Kris, and we provide professional full-service barcode scanners in New York. From the barcode scanner for sale, we also buy used barcode scanners and offer accessories like batteries, charging docks, adapter, mounts, stands, and more.

We have a dedicated and skilled barcode repair team that will deliver the most efficient, high quality, and timely service to fix your barcode scanners on hardware. Our company in New York has been providing outstanding services since 2007, and all of our barcode scanners for sale are of the highest quality.

Our used barcode scanners work like new and have undergone a series of tests to ensure that the quality will pass our standards. With our experience of supporting thousands of data collection and barcode scanner repair, Red Barcode Planet is the right choice for your barcode scanner repair and support requirements. Browse our wide range of high-quality barcode scanners on eBay and Amazon today.


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If you need a barcode scanner and barcode scanner accessories, we got it all! We are committed to providing high-quality barcode scanners and accessories to our customers. Our positive feedback speaks about the condition of products and services. Check us on eBay and get your barcode scanner for a price you can afford!

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Our company has got you covered when looking for the highest quality of barcode scanners for sale in New York. We provide barcode scanner repairs, and after that, it will work well as new. If you want to save money, our barcode scanner for sale will save you a lot of money instead of buying a new one. Call us today!


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