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RED BARCODE PLANER is owned by Kris, and is the top-notch barcode scanner company in Dallas. Our company offers support for all of your full-service barcode scanners to make sure that your scanner is up and running properly. We build a solution that will fit our customers’ needs. Our barcode scanners are of high quality. We also buy and sell old barcode scanners, and we also repair it for you. We also offer barcode scanner accessories to keep your scanners working and updated, from batteries, charging docks, adapter, mounts, stands, and more, we got it all for you!

Kris ensures the quality of the used barcode scanners that we are selling. We have dedicated and skilled technicians who can perform barcode scanner repair.  With our barcode scanners for sale, you can get high-quality barcode scanners for a price that will not empty your pockets. Check our barcode scanners for sale on eBay and Amazon today! Contact us if you need barcode scanner nearby Dallas!


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From used barcode scanner, refurbished barcode scanner, or brand new barcode scanner, we are the place to go in Dallas. We also buy used barcode scanners and offer full-service barcode scanners.

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We provide the highest quality of used barcode scanners in the Dallas area. You can rest assured that after the repairs, the barcode scanners will be good as new, and you’ll be able to save a lot of money. We have the highest quality of barcode scanner for sale nearby Dallas that you can choose from. What are you waiting for? Call us today if you need barcode scanner nearby Dallas!


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“ I would recommend this company in Dallas for your barcode repair! Two companies whom I inquired first said that my scanner is not repairable. Luckily, this company has skilled technicians and fixed my barcode scanner in no time. Thank you!  “

Bradley Roberts

“ Two of our barcode scanners broke, and we were not financially ready to purchase a new one. A friend recommended this company for barcode scanner repair. I tried their service, and they did not disappoint me. Thank you for the quick and excellent repair!   “

Larry Schneider

“ I am happy with my recent purchase of a barcode scanner from this company! At first, I was hesitant to buy a used barcode scanner, but I still give it a try because of their excellent customer service.  “

Matthew Fay